Gospace AI is a dynamic, AI-powered space scheduling platform that optimises workspace utilisation and streamlines office operations. Through its seamless integration with existing collaboration platforms such as Microsoft 365, or through its standalone applications, gospace AI makes it effortless for employees to co-ordinate with their colleagues in-office, alleviating the hassle of manual booking.
Gospace AI revolutionises space management by empowering organisations to adapt to fluctuating demands, effectively reducing their real estate expenses by assigning the optimal amount of space each day.
Upon allocation of workspace to their teams, employees receive automatic notifications. These smart allocations take into account historical attendance patterns, individual preferences, and new scheduling constraints. Employees can utilise the MS Teams bot or mobile app to check which colleagues will be in the office, plan their visits accordingly, and subtly prompt others to join them.
Administrators have the ability to monitor daily space allocations and related metrics through a dedicated web console. They can outline specific team requirements, synchronise the scheduling of vital teams to ensure collaborative efficiency, set minimum in-office days, and decommission unneeded space. gospace AI provides a unique blend of automation, flexibility, and control that is tailored to modern, dynamic work environments.
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